QuarkRank is an intelligent engine that crawls the web for opinions on various products/services and do automatic sentiment analysis on them feature-by-feature using its proprietary natural language processing technology. From books, movies, hotels, cameras to autos, Quarkrank has the ability to aggregate and do sentiment analysis on reviews of any kind of product/service. We use emerging web technologies for large-scale collection and management of product reviews. We transformed state-of-art theoretical research into a practical opinion mining tool, that semantically understand user opinions, extract out the features people are talking about and generate useful simple to understand quantative numbers.

Helps online consumer
Consumers really want the ability to educate themselves quickly, based on the most unbiased information possible, without spending hours reading review online. Consumers have cited easy product comparison as one of the top reasons to shop online - in fact, they rank this comparison capability even higher than finding the cheapest prices.

Best and worst of Apple Ipod Touch 8gb QuarkGraph: QuarkRank data displayed using amcharts at Quarkshop

How does it benefit online shopping websites?
Your customers will feel confident in making purchase decision at your site, without going to competitors, and at the same time reducing the return rate of impulse purchases.
Wouldn't it be great if your users can find the information at one place? What if they could quickly and easily compare various choices, feature-for-feature? QuarkRank provides this service today.
Quarkrank provides review sentiment analysis data
  • What do we provide?
    1. For four categories : camera, cellphone, mp3player, flatpaneltv
    2. Our rank & no. of reviews for a product/service
    3. Top 5 feature, Worst 3 feature, All features that people talk about a product/service. For example : sound quality, design, screen of a Mp3 player.
    4. Feature score, buzz and SNIPPETS from reviews which have opinion about a feature.
  • Its free for commercial as well as non-commercial purpose
  • We provide access to our data in two ways : API & Widget
  • Quarkshop is a online shopping site which uses Quarkrank API